Investing in Apartments

A unique real estate strategy

The benefits

Everyday investors have never had the opportunity to invest directly in larger scale real estate investments that can yield a higher return.

That's why we started the Apartment Investment Fund. We’re here to help you get a higher return while investing passively.

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With cash on hand, we can close quickly, getting the best deals, and highest returns for you.

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With a minimum investment of $10,000, you need not be an institutional investor to reap higher returns.

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Investing in apartments has several advantages over stocks and other real estate.

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Forced appreciation is our area of expertise, and the reason our investors can earn higher returns.

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We also divide any cash flow earned during the holding time to our investors.

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Funding First

Everyday investors join the fund

The new U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rules in Regulation A allow Apartment Investment Fund to raise money from anyone who wants to invest. It gives AIF the freedom to work with individual investors, wealth planners, and others who work with passive investment funds.

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Funding First

Apartment Investment Fund reaches target

Most investors find an apartment building then raise the down payment, which can take 30-90 days, depending on the amount. Apartment owners who need to sell right away will not wait. This is why we started this Regulation A Fund, in order to have cash available to purchase the best deals. With immediate cash, we are able to:

  • buy great deals that are often sold within days of going on the market
  • buy from owners who are forced to sell quickly
  • offer all cash for some apartments, resulting in deep discounts
  • purchase apartment buildings that the individual investor cannot afford
  • pay all cash when the bank will not lend on property


The selection process

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Acquisition Profile

We look for distressed apartment buildings that can provide high returns in the United States, which are measured against some or all of the following criteria. These are properties with:

  • motivated sellers, such as bank REO’s
  • great locations and strong upside potential
  • poor property management
  • unappealing aesthetics
  • major rehab needs
  • very high vacancy, preferably over 20%
  • deferred maintenance
  • low cash flow but upside potential
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Pre purchase analysis

After identifying a building, then we:

  • look at the financial analysis of the property, using our highly specialized software
  • complete the property due diligence – including the financials and inspections
  • negotiate the purchase and sale agreement
  • determine all of the risk factors, including the building, financing and selling
  • vet and secure a qualified contractor based on experience, quality and price
  • secure financing that should not exceed 85% of the Loan to Value (LTV), if paying all cash is not the best investment option
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Forced Appreciation

The renovation process

Immediately, we begin forcing appreciation – increasing the property’s value – which may include:

  • rehabbing the exterior and interiors
  • changing property management
  • increasing occupancy
  • decreasing expenses
  • increasing rent
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The reward

Exit Strategy

When the property is stabilized (90% occupancy for approximately 90 days), we will either:


sell and split the profits, reinvest the principal in the purchase of another apartment building

perform a cost analysis, define the timeline and hold for later sale

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